From automated assays to database server farms the CLASS Laboratory uses the most advanced technologies.

The CLASS Laboratory uses state-of-the-science, reliable, precise, and cost-effective analytical methods and equipment that minimize variability, provide long-term sample and assay stability, and maximize assay reliability. We incorporate internal quality assurance procedures that minimize error and variability as assessed by rigorous quality control procedures. We have developed, and employ, advanced electronic data handling systems and analysis procedures that provide increased efficiencies, reduce labor costs, eliminate manual operations to reduce the possibility of errors, and preserve assay and analysis data. We use sample labeling and handling systems that ensure positive identification of sample and result while maintaining the integrity of the sample.


The Laboratory maintains its own database and server clusters and with our secured access CLASS Laboratory website, users can: order collection kits, setup and track specimen shipments, check sample status, review specimen assay histories, examine repository inventories, and download our assay catalog and laboratory procedure specifications. It is designed to be easy to use and easy to navigate.

We have developed a computerized sample handling system that tracks each sample continuously. Starting with the database driven creation of custom sample labels containing unique barcode information, this system tracks individual samples through: kit production, distribution to study sites, collection of site generated sample histories and aliquoting records, shipments and receipt of samples at the laboratory, and cryogenic storage. This system supports the process of sample selection for assay determination, collection of assay results and QC data, and electronic exchange of results with study clients.