The organized and auditable collection of samples is crucial to effective research : the CLASS Laboratory has developed technologies to produce custom sample collection kits that are both scientifically rigorous and cost effective.

These kits are designed with serialized, bar-coded sample collection vials tied to bar coded collection forms providing easy data entry by laser scanning and both an electronic and physical (paper) audit trail of sample collection and disposition.

Our kit design philosophy includes making sample handling as easy as possible for the study sites and maintaining a complete life history of each sample in the study.

Working collaboratively with our clients, we have manufactured more than 100,000 kits in 70+ different designs for serum, plasma, urine, saliva, and DNA collections. These kits incorporate novel site-assistance features such as: notched labels to reveal sample level; color coding by sample type; uniform sample IDs within each kit; bar-coded sample history-entry forms to reduce manual data entry; and sub-kit component packaging.


The CLASS Laboratory also supports: web-based collection form data entry for collection kits; e-mail notifications for sample shipment arrivals and check-ins; online real-time sample inventories; and other IT tools to help you manage your sample collection activities.


Collection kits can be distributed in bulk shipments for centralized studies or, ordered from our web site and shipped directly to participating site for studies with a decentralized sample collection model

Kit Pricing

Labels only$113.97
Light complexity Kit Design$161.20
Medium complexity Kit Design$320.36
High complexity Kit Design$1,275.32
Very High Complexity Kit Design$2,548.60