To obtain current pricing, please contact us at If you can, provide: 1) the services you are interested in, 2) the number of kits/samples you require those services for, 3) your timeline for those services, and 4) whether you are affiliated with the University of Michigan or not. If you are not sure what you need, please reach out anyway - we are happy to help write budgets for grants, provide insight into biomarker assay selection, and workshop theoretical collection, storage, and assay plans with no financial obligation.


CLASS Laboratory freezer storage, collection kit, and assay rates are dictated by the University of Michigan recharge billing program, and are subject to yearly adjustments based on laboratory finances, work volume, and changes in supply pricing. We strive to keep these rates comparable over time, but we provide no assurance of this.

Please note that prices are subject to a 29% upcharge when provided to those outside the University of Michigan. This is dictated by the University, and is non-negotiable similar to our rates.